Expo marketing for Cantarus & DNN

Expo marketing for Cantarus & DNN, Animation & Exhibition Stand

The Challenge
DNN is a an award-winning marketing solutions provider, providing a suite of online content and social solutions. Cantarus is an award-winning web consultancy specialising in the delivery of high-quality DNN Evoq solutions.
The two companies were exhibiting together at the recently held Internet World expo in London.
Design By Day were hired to establish and dual-brand system for the expo stand and create marketing / explainer video to promote and explain Evoq, increase brand awareness for both companies, generate new business and promote the strength of the DNN-Cantarus partnership.
The Solution
Working closely with Cantarus we developed a benefits-focussed animated video with an approachable tone aimed primarily at digital marketing professionals and community managers attending Internet World.
The level of technical info was pitched at an appropriate level for this target audience.
As the animation needed to be effective both with and without sound and voiceover, a type and infographic based approach was taken.
The dual-branding system was kept simple with brand-guidelines strictly followed to ensure that neither brand was weakened. One core typeface was chosen and complimentary colours from each brand were used throughout.
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